The Acrobatic - Bodyboard School arose from the passion for the sea, and in particular for bodyboarding and the pleasure of teaching. We chose the bodyboard, being a very affordable sport to practice and provides very high levels of adrenaline, we intended to increase the satisfaction and the theoretical and practical knowledge of our students. We want above all teaching, sharing all experiences possible to reach the sea, in a safe, fun way and planned, as well as instill a healthy lifestyle and raise awareness for the preservation of nature.

The school is divided into groups of children and young people will be placed in its specific level of learning that goes to the initiation of pure competition. Adults will also be set in their level of learning and teaching bodyboard with a technical component and a component of health and well-being.

The main objective is to reach the Bodyboard anyone in an informal way through a process of learning by PE teachers.

At Acrobatic we have all the necessary equipment for students to initiate, optimize and evolve their technique in the modality, avoiding the purchase of material that quickly stops being used for not being appropriate to their learning level.