To proceed to the enrollment is required:

Registration form of Acrobatic (provided by school)

Record student / practitioner of the Portuguese Surfing Federation ( or athlete record of the Portuguese Surfing Federation (

Medical certificate (certificate of physical fitness)

Registration fee in the Portuguese Surfing Federation: 25,00 € - Includes sports-annual insurance - Photocopy of ID (in case of being athlete)

In the case of a minor, photocopy of ID of the Guardian

The mode of payment of these classes must be made prior thereto.

Forms of payment:
Bank transfer NIB 0035 0995 0004 9078 9303 7

For any question relating to the school, contact Rui Mendes via mobile number 965743587. Or via our website, e-mail or Facebook.

Technical stuff:
The Acrobatic provides free everything necessary to practice bodyboard (surfboard, apparel, shop and fins)

The Acrobatic is pleased to teach all students according to the learning level

Meeting Point:
The meeting point will vary depending on the sea state, to which students will be informed in advance the location of the beach

Students have a tolerance of 10 minutes beyond the time of the beginning class
In case of delay, the student shall it should inform the local school and move up to the same
Classes demarcated without notice will be accounted

Students should notify the start of the competitive season Acrobatic, what evidence they intend to participate
At all stages will be a value previously defined
For leagues that daily monitoring performed by a monitor, shall be counted as a lesson for each day of competition