- Classes with different levels of learning:
Started - Initial Contact with the sea, introducing the basic technical maneuvers
Intermediate - Improvement of basic technical maneuvers
Forward - Preparing athletes for competition

- Birthday Parties:
Recreational activities for children who want a different experience on their birthday

- Holiday bodyboard:
Weeks of bodyboarding, in which students intensify the workout mode during school holidays

- Bodyboard Trips:
Small trips exploring the Portuguese coast and are looking for the best waves

- Recreational activities:
For groups or teams from other sports who want to enjoy the sea component playful

- Group classes initiation and enhancement mode

- Personal trainer (training together):
As a way to reconcile the contact with the sea with professional life. A perfect solution for those who want to boogie before or after work.

NÂș of people 1 lesson 4 lessons 10 lessons
Group Lesson
(2 a 8)
15€ 45€ 110€
Individual 30€ 90€ 200€
** Tuition: 1x per week - 30 euros
** Tuition: 2x per week - 50 euros

* Prices without VAT
* The monthly enrollment presupposes a bond of at least 3 months

- Classes have a duration of 1h30min